US EPA Announces its Implementation Plan for TSCA Reform

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TSCA Reform was signed into law just one week ago on June 22, 2016, but a mere one week later, on June 29, U.S. EPA has published its implementation plan, which sets an aggressive schedule to get into place the basic rulemaking frameworks to implement its vast new authorities.

U.S. EPA is proposing to establish its regulatory framework for implementation of its new authorities into four main rulemakings, and propose three of them by mid-December 2016 in the twilight days of the Obama Administration.

The four main rulemakings are: 1) prioritization process rule, 2) risk evaluation process rule, 3) fees rule, and 4) inventory rule.

By mid-December 2016, U.S. EPA will publish the initial 10 work plan chemicals and formally commence the risk evaluation of those chemicals, and will commence the formal rulemaking to establish the safety standard and EPA’s risk evaluation process.   Also by mid-December 2016, U.S. EPA will publish its proposed fees rule and inventory rule.

This aggressive schedule will complemented with immediate review of all current PMNs and SNUNs, resetting the 90-day review periods, and all CBI claims.