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Now Effective: EPA’s Sewer Ban and (in some states) Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals

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Today, August 21, 2019, EPA’s Final Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals takes effect federally.  The sewer ban component of the new rule applies in all states.  Healthcare facilities are now prohibited from flushing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, including DEA controlled substances and “pharmaceutical wastage” that are hazardous waste.  This sewering ban may drive many facilities to stop flushing pharmaceuticals entirely (even those that are not hazardous waste), given how complicated it is in practice for healthcare provides to determine which drugs are hazardous [...]Read more

New Regulatory Hurdles Proposed for Hazardous Waste Facilities in California

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On September 22, 2017, DTSC commenced the public comment period for its proposed regulations to update the criteria for the issuance of hazardous waste facility permits and permit modifications pursuant to SB 673. The 70 pages of the proposed regulations are a radical departure from the permitting process of the past 25 years in California. In some respects, the burdens proposed are so high that one wonders if this portends the end of hazardous waste facilities in the state. On the positive side, this will have local EJ (environmental justice) communities cheering and it does present an enormous [...]Read more