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California Adopts First-in-Nation Stormwater Permit Incorporating TMDLS

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On November 6, 2018, California adopted the first-in-the-nation stormwater permit incorporating TMDLs and NELs. The new Industrial Stormwater Permit will take effect on July 1, 2020. Is your facility located in the Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego or San Francisco regions?   Those are the four regions in California that have adopted TMDLs. Do you know the water body receiving the stormwater running off your facility? Well, now you really need to know. Stormwater is regulated even though it is simply the rain that falls on our roofs, our property and roads, because it picks up trash, chemicals, [...]Read more

California – New Prop 65 Product Label Requirements Likely to be Adopted

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Today, May 17, 2016, OEHHA released a second set of revisions to its proposed regulations to change the warning labeling requirements for Prop 65.  This is the first major change to the words required on product labels and shelf signs and catalogues selling products into California in several decades.  OEHHA has been working on these warning wording and method changes since 2013.  The most recent proposal commenced in November 2015, and has gone through several public comment periods and revisions.  Today’s May 17th revision is probably the last set of revisions before adoption.  Comments [...]Read more

I See a Prop 65 Label On This Product, But What Does It Mean? New California Website to Explain

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At the beginning of 2016, the State of California (OEHHA) adopted a new regulation to give itself authority to create and operate a website to provide information about the Prop 65 labels the public sees on everyday products and in everyday locations such as restaurants, gas stations and airports.  New section 25205 allows OEHHA to post information about pathways of exposure to chemicals in products and strategies to avoid exposure, while also providing a disclaimer that OEHHA cannot assure the accuracy of anything it posts.   It creates a petition process for manufacturers, sellers and the [...]Read more