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New California Air Quality Reporting Requirements May Apply to Over 50,000 Businesses

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In late 2018, the California Air Resources Control Board (CARB) proposed a new statewide reporting program for air quality of both criteria pollutants and toxic air contaminants. The new reporting rules will apply to more than 50,000 businesses in California, including auto body shops, retail gas stations, print shops, dry cleaners, and facilities with backup diesel generators or emergency fire pumps among may others. Many of these businesses may need to hire engineers and consultants to assist in calculating the emissions and in the preparation of the new reporting as early as January 2020. The [...]Read more

CARB’s March 2, 2015 Reporting Deadline is Approaching Fast – Do you need an extension?

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The reporting deadline for makers of consumer products, office supply products, garden supply, pool, personal care, automotive, and many other product types (see full list of product categories in Appendix A) is fast approaching. We previously blogged and released an Advisory about the CARB (California Air Resources Board) reporting requirement and the need to think about protecting your product’s trade secrets. It is possible the March 2, 2015 reporting deadline will be extended.  Even if it is not, CARB has stated that it will consider extensions of this deadline on a case-by-case basis. But [...]Read more