Peer Reviewed Study Supports Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing

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The July 2013 edition of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine includes a study that the authors note “offers comfort concerning health effects of (hydraulic fracturing) on childhood cancers.” In the article, titled Childhood Cancer Incidence in Pennsylvania Counties in Relation to Counties with Hydraulic Fracturing Sites, the four authors compared cancer incidence in children in Pennsylvania counties before and after hydraulic fracturing began, using standardized incidence ratios and 95% confidence intervals. The authors concluded that their “research does not support a conclusion that populations living in the vicinity of (hydraulic fracturing) activities are at increased risk of childhood cancer, childhood leukemia, or childhood (central nervous system) tumors.” This conclusion is based on the fact that the observed number of childhood cancers, both before and after drilling, were as expected.

The is the first peer reviewed journal article that we are aware examines the impact of hydraulic fracturing on children’s health, and might well be the first peer reviewed journal article looking at any aspect of the impact of hydraulic fracturing on health as an endpoint.

The article can be found here.

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